NewDad are a four piece from Galway comprised of Julie, Sean, Fiachra and Áindle. They have a fine line in woozy dreamcore and as they say "our sound is a reflection of our personality: fun, easy going and desperately trying to sound cooler than we are." They've supported Turnstiles several times and their band photo was taken by friend of Blowtorch Enda Burke.  

The Clockworks comprise James McGregor on vocals/guitar, Sean Connelly on guitar, Damian Greaney on drums and Tom Freeman on bass. Originally from Galway, they decamped to London where they were promptly signed by Alan McGee's Creation23 label. They have an intense, angular, post punk sound with snarling kitchen-sink lyrics. They have released a scorching series of singles starting with 'Bills and Pills' up to their latest "Enough is Never Enough'.