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Blowtorch Classics vol.2 announced for early March delivery

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

The full line up for This Could Work, follow up to vol. 1 A plan For Something is now available


Blowtorch Records is bucking worldwide vinyl trends, as this week brought the excellent news that our second compilation will be ready early, at the end of February. The exact shipping date is yet to be confirmed but we thought it's high time we let our loyal followers see and hear this sexy slab of sound.

Front cover art for Blowtorch Records vinyl compilation This Could Work
Artwork by Mark Dyball @markdyballpaintings on Insta

Frankly we were stunned by the reception and success of the first compilation album A Plan For Something. It showed that there is an appetite not only for vinyl but also for great, independent music well away from the greedy, grasping craw of the corporate music world.

Back cover art for Blowtorch Records vinyl compilation This Could Work

For most of the bands, it was their first time hearing their music on vinyl and it was a huge thrill getting their reactions. So we've been busy collecting and compiling and now we're ecstatic to announce that the second Blowtorch Classics compilation This Could Work will shortly leave the pressing plant.

It features ten bands/artists who were not on the first compilation and is a great snapshot of the continued expansion of top music and brilliant talent on the label.

Full details including track listing, streaming and digital download are available on our dedicated web page. You can also listen on our Spotify page. Pre-order will be opening in the next week or two so keep your eyes on our socials and if you are a subscriber look out for the newsletter. There are some exciting giveaways and discounts for early birds (cassette anyone?). If you're not signed up, use the link below.

Side one.

1. Jagged Baptist Club - Temptation Death House

2. TV People - Shallow Minds

3. Ash Red - The Stupid Song

4. Soundstrand - (If It's Easy) You're Doing It Wrong

5. Some Remain - Walk Away

Side two.

1. Wyse - Not That Sorry

2. Virgins - Vows

3. Punching Peaches - Wristwitch

4. Liana Forte - Dust Out Of Your Disorder (special remix)

5. Jamie - Sweet Noises


The Blowtorch Classics vol. 1 vinyl compilation is available here

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