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Irish producer OWLS releases 'You Bleed Me'

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The first track from his End Me EP promises love, horror and dancing. We're all in.


Track: You Bleed Me

Producer: OWLS

Released: October 21 2022

Irish electronic producer OWLS

OWLS is an Irish producer taking inspiration from the sounds of postpunk, techno, ebm and synthwave. He has been working hard in his rural studio putting the final touches to his forthcoming EP End Me.

We get the first listen to the result of his endeavours with the motorik electronica of You Bleed Me.

Edgy and endlessly shifting, it's a collision of abrasive noise worthy of Gilla Band, Depeche Mode synth pop and acid electronica from Bicep or Orbital. The relentless 303/707 bass and drums are overlaid with plangent block synth chords, synapse triggering squelches and the haunting, filtered You Bleed Me refrain. And there's a hint of Low era Bowie in there too.

In OWLS' own words: nestled in between eskers, in amongst the bogs and drumlins, OWLS fosters a brood of darkened songs. Songs for the night, for the moon and its shadows. Dark tunes you can dance to is the mantra OWLS stands by. A nod to the goths is prevalent. The sentiment of love and its brutality runs throughout dynamic vocals and a focus on abrasive textures is to the fore. This is a driving, mesmerising haunt. A sound of its own, an immediately recognizable silhouette in the nightscape.

You Bleed Me is a statement of intent - it's loud, it's dark and it's here to unsettle you into dancing.

A cross of Iggy Pop and dark Depeche Mode, it's like waking up in a gothic horror novel set in a Berlin nightclub. Highly recommended.


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