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May 2022 - Recent releases from Blowtorch Records

Episode 34 of our podcast plays our last six single releases and an album track from Jamie's new LP

Cover art for episode 34 of Blowtorch podcast

Episode 34 of the Blowtorch Records podcast is the latest in a series where we round up our recent releases. It's been a hectic few weeks and this May 2022 edition is stuffed with amazing music - singles from The Swedish Railway Orchestra, Nixer, Punching Peaches, Static Vision, Future West, Wyse and an album track from Jamie.

The Swedish Railway Orchestra is the project of Dublin musician and producer Rob Smith; The Ballhaus is the first release from his upcoming album Dance To The Drum Machine. The track was written several years ago in Berlin and has a more dark and melancholy feel than TSRO's previous releases - and the accompanying video is authentically gothic. He says of the video “It came out better than I expected. I knew I wanted a haunted house and a feeling of isolation which complements the music nicely. I'm glad the video shows these feelings.”

The second single Fallen Devil is out on May 18 with the album seeing a full digital and vinyl release on July 27th.

Shallow Minds by TV People

The next track is Decisions from Nixer. Decisions is the first song of the PEOPLE FEEL story and EP. It’s set at a corner shop where the night begins and the first decision of the night, which for most is a simple one, takes place. The indecisiveness and uncertainty about the simple decision between “beer or wine” sets the tone for the chaos that unfolds.

There's loads of great reviews of this track and you can find them in the review blog in our website.

The PEOPLE FEEL EP is available to pre order in green or black vinyl via our online shop. Full release is on May 27 with a launch party in Peckham Audio, London on May 31st.

Unknown is Punching Peaches' darkest, most ambitious song to date and a supersonic start to the band’s 2022 release schedule. Their next release is Detective - date currently unknown.

As our review blog noted "... delivering complexity worthy of OK Computer era Radiohead, the final section sees the band shoot for the stars. And blaze across Copernicus' heliocentric universe on the way."

Cover art for Lockdown by Static Vision

Heavy and melodic as always, Limerick trio Static Vision have released their latest track Lockdown.

Driven on by a repeating riff worthy of The mighty Fall in their Cruisers Creek era, it's another sub 3 minute blast of Limerick attitude and attack.

These lads are gigging relentlessly so make sure you catch them live. They are a visceral force to be reckoned with.

Cover art all my sins by Future West

All My Sins is the second single from Future West's upcoming LP Who Will Forgive All My Sins. Frontman Francis Watters declares this to be his favourite from the album and and once again his lyrics show the searing honest and emotional heft we have come to expect from this talented tune and word smith.

The album will see a vinyl release via Blowtorch Records later in the Summer.

Cover art for Run Away by WYSE

Run Away is the first single from Wyse's upcoming Allusions EP which will see a vinyl release via Blowtorch Records in the June/July. It's a driving alt-pop blast of attitude with a gorgeous sheen leant by the 80s style production reminiscent of Debbie Harry & Blondie.

Wyse is gigging relentlessly and you will find details of her dates and indeed all gigs on our website page.

Album artwork for synesthesia by Jamie

Jamie returns! And he's back to making the kind of brilliant lo-fi, trippy beat poems which are like a cross between Brian Eno and Massive Attack. And expanding out into upbeat dancefloor ready bangers. His new album synesthesia contains 21 tracks which encompass this range and more besides.

Our podcast plays our favourite 9 which is nightclub ready action with an amazing, uplifting keyboard hook. We urge you to jump into his lysergic, lo fi world and let his noises drown out the world for a while.


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