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Sam Girling releases debut mixtape 'Attacca'

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

New single Take Your Time is the first track taken from the mixtape which is now available digitally and also on vinyl


EP: Attacca

Artist: Sam Girling

Released: November 18 2022

Cover art for Attacca vinyl mixtape by Sam Girling

Sam Girling is an electronic artist, producer and DJ from Bedford in the UK. Attacca is his debut mixtape with the 13 tracks reflecting Sam's creative output in its rawest form. The mixtape is written in tandem, with each track directly affecting the tempo, key and themes of the next.

Lifted from it, Take Your Time is the latest single. An undeniably standout piano weapon, it's a simple yet memorable moment on the record where each element commands its own lane. In Sam's words “This felt the most obvious track to extend and lead with as a single. TYT was made one sunny Saturday afternoon. I was heading to the pub soon after, which I why I think this track exudes a certain positivity.”

“I discovered J Lloyd's Kosmos mixtape early 2021. The concept was to write a full length project from start to finish with all the tracks interconnected. You handpick your favourite tracks when releasing music – people don't hear the other 99%. This project was an unfiltered flow of recording - I can't edit or delete the tracks I don't like. It feels very freeing to put something out there with the know that it's not perfect.”

Taking back artistic control, 2022 saw the launch of Sam's own label, Attacca, which he sees as his own 'paradisiacal world'. It begs the question, what came first: the label or the mixtape name? “Weirdly, the mixtape actually gave birth to everything. I recorded it back in my bedroom in May 2021 and landed on the musical term 'Attacca', meaning a musical directive for the performer to begin the next movement of a composition without pause. This summed up the mixtape concept perfectly and the more I sat with it, ATTACCA started to sound like this utopian paradise where I get to create the storylines and rules.”

Berlin plays a pivotal role in the journey of the mixtape. Talk of moving to the German capital in late 2021 sparked the creation of Sam's inaugural label release. “I was feeling flat with my artist project. A conversation about living in Berlin lit a flame within me and the track Empty Flat in Berlin was created. I knew this was the first single back.”

Sam goes on to say: “I finally got around to visiting Berlin in September 2022 and had that moment. I've had unbelievable experiences on nights out but I still felt I was lacking that life changing moment so many artists talk about. It was a eureka moment, so unbelievably overwhelming – I'm sounding very cliché here but I'll never forget it. I came home with a new perspective which essentially triggered me to feel that now is the right time to release this mixtape.”


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