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Turnstiles release their penultimate single 'Dig It Out'

Galway punks are saying goodbye with two last singles - Dig It Out and Bow Down


Track: Dig It Out

Band: Turnstiles

Released: June 1 2022

Cover art for Dig It Out by Turnstiles

Dig It Out is the first new music from Galway's Turnstiles since the release of their 4 track debut EP last year (still a few vinyl copies left). Sadly it's also their penultimate release as they are calling it a day after a final Galway gig on June 11. They also play Dublin's Forbidden Fruit festival on June 5 which is sold out

Anyone who has seen them play live in the last year or so will recognise Dig It Out as their incendiary set opener. The recorded version opens with an unexpected muted drum machine but once Luke and Jake come in and mesh their mosh rhythm on drums and bass, we're welcomed back into their post punk landscape. The unrelenting pounding rhythm is topped with those cutting trebly guitars, reminiscent of John McGeoch at his Banshees best, and Callum's unique vocals.

There's also the added maturity of songwriting we saw on last year's Turnstiles EP with tempo changes and breaks feeding fascination throughout. The drum and synth (yes really) fill which leads to a vertiginous drop towards the end is simply immense.

Ahh we're gonna miss them.


Turnstiles also feature on this compilation vinyl

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