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TV People release new single 'Fade'

TV People continue their run of stunning standalone tracks with new single Fade, looking for purpose and connection in the complexities of modern life.


Track: Fade

Band: TV People

Released: February 23 2024

Following the critical acclaim of their recent track Rain, Fade dives deeper into the band's exploration of introspective themes, delivering an anguished expression of sorrow and powerlessness. This poignant song mourns the prevailing loss of purpose, connection, and meaning amidst the complexities of modern life all set to an impossibly beautiful melody - their finest yet.

With lyrics that resonate with anyone who's felt adrift in a sea of uncertainty, Fade encapsulates the essence of TV People's sound: introspective, moody, and profoundly moving.

Paul and Bren from the band say of the song's haunting refrain, " 'I watch the lights fade away' serves as a powerful metaphor for the elusive search for meaning amidst the ephemeral nature of existence.”

There are still a few copies of the previous vinyl single Die Down and Feel available here:

We also have a few copies left of their 2021 Nothing More EP:


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