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Jagged Baptist Club 'Temptation Death House' LP

Temptation Death House is the second LP from Jagged Baptist Club on 140g pink vinyl. JBC is a Los Angeles band driven by Josh's throbbing synth sound, egging on the guitar, bass and drums to a sleazy, hyperkinetic garage punk sound.  They have been compared to Primal Scream and Savages, with influences including Blur, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Birthday Party and Division of Laura Lee.


Track listing is:


Side one.  

1. Chop x8
2. Temptation Death House
3. Haunted By The Night

4. Drill Zone

5. Master Pyramid


Side two.
1. Clerks, Bookkeepers and Accountants
2. Inside The Coffin

3. Bent By Satisfaction



Jagged Baptist Club 'Temptation Death House' LP

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