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Test press of the Nerves debut EP Glórach

Test pressing of the Nerves EP Glórach.


Nerves are an experimental punk band from the West of Ireland. Having spent 2 years refining their sound since their last release, the band are now ready to present their debut EP Glórach.


Blending punk, hardcore, industrial and samples, the band have pulled off a thrilling mix of melody and noise. It is underpinned by lyrics dealing with loss and mental health in the rural west and a visual aesthetic seeped in its inherent Irish sensibilities. Death, degradation and emigration in Ireland are themes that are bound to the DNA of Glórach.


Recorded and co-produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band, this body of work captures much of the sonic devastation that the band are capable of dishing out live.



Test press of Nerves 'Glórach' EP

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