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Undercover Martians 'Jigsaw' EP on CD

CD of Jigsaw EP by Undercover Martians. Incl bonus track Window Shopping


Melancholy and melodic, upbeat mid-youth existential dread is packed into the songs in this EP, written between 2018 and 2021. With an unrelenting sound and garage feel, yet with a studio's production quality, they keep a tight and rhythmic sound which puts you in mind of something you would hear after the New Wave and Punk explosion in 1980s CBGBs. Five songs and all with a different story to tell but the overall theme is of early 20-something loneliness, the kind people feel when trying to fit into the world.


Track listing is:


1. All My Friends

2. Sarcasm is Sexy

3. Jigsaw

4. Rock and Roll

5. Only Me and You


Bonus track - Window Shopping

Undercover Martians 'Jigsaw' EP on CD

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