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Vinyl Compilation Album: Blowtorch Classics vol. 2. This Could Work

Blowtorch Classics vol 2 artwork

Stunned by the reception and success of our first compilation album, we've been busy collecting and compiling and now we're thrilled to announce the second Blowtorch Records album 'This Could Work - Blowtorch Classics vol. 2'.

It features ten bands/artists who were not on the first compilation and is a great snapshot of the continued expansion of top music and brilliant talent on the label.

The album is available as a digital download for €6 and black vinyl for €20.

The ace cover art is by Mark Dyball and you can see more examples of his excellent work here.

Side one.  

1. Jagged Baptist Club - Temptation Death House 

2. TV People - Shallow Minds

3. Ash Red - The Stupid Song

4. Soundstrand - (If It's Easy) You're Doing It Wrong

5. Some Remain - Walk Away

Side two.  

1. Wyse - Not That Sorry

2. Virgins - Vows

3. Punching Peaches - Wristwitch

4. Liana Forte - Dust Out Of Your Disorder (special remix)

5. Jamie - Sweet Noises

Back cover for Blowtorch compilatiomn This Could Work
Digital download
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