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Wyse: Allusions EP 

Wyse is a UK based artist/producer who delivers intelligent alt-pop anthems powered by pounding rhythms, bubbling synths and sweet guitar lines. FFO Wolf Alice, Awolnation, Anna Calvi, La Roux.

She loves 80s and 90s pop. She takes this as her reference starting point and like all the best artists, stamps her own anger and energy on it; adds in elements of scuzzy indie rock; and then layers on lyrics as a bold and powerful way to express her inner emotions.


Wyse takes inspiration from her life, relationships, struggles and experiences to seek out connections with others. “It feels important for me to be honest and sincere about emotions that we are often shamed for talking about,” Wyse says. “I want to free myself from them and to impact the stigma around talking about 'ugly' emotions. How can we be compassionate to others if we shame ourselves?”


Wyse's 2021 EP Anomalies debuted this sparky, emotionally literate alt pop. Her new EP sees it fully fledged and soaring. Formed of five impassioned and fiery new recordings, Allusions sees Wyse step wholly out of her comfort zone, pushing her abilities as a producer, writer and musician beyond anything she’s done so far.

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