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Jagged Baptist Club

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Promo shot of Jagged Baptist Club by Ian Flanigan

Jagged Baptist Club is an American rock band consisting of Los Angeles based musicians Blake Stokes, Morgan Ponder, Josh Boyd and CJ Ramsey. Their debut full-length Reptile Super Show was released in Summer 2019 via Chain Letter Collective. Having been compared to Primal Scream and Savages, with influences including Blur, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Birthday Party and Division of Laura Lee, their music and live shows have garnered positive accolades from audiences and critics alike. Fast forward through 2020...

“Jagged Baptist Club pushes the limits of noise rock, their music is loud, raging while embracing darkness and anger with a touch of humor. “

Alyson Camus Rock NYC

... into January 2021 and KCRW premier their newest single Temptation Death House. A track which breaks new ground for a band normally known as guitar-wielding, atonal sonic terrorists. Built around an unstoppably sexy drum and bass groove, the song winds its way through the city like an Anaconda on its way to a guillotine. Over to Blake:  "... a total team effort that slowly took shape over time. We started a simple drum/bass groove that Josh and I sketched some synths and vocal ideas over. Josh then took the groove home and returned with an absolute symphony of synths that really pulled the song into rich sonic territory. We had some versions with our classic noise guitar but ultimately decided it took away from the overall power of the groove."


This track is just the first taste from the band's album of the same name. Stokes describes the album like "Public Image Limited meets Division of Laura Lee, covering Trompe Le Monde while having a nervous breakdown that's being live-streamed on the internet."

“On an album full of menacing guitars, spat missives and sonic clatter suggesting 'Transformers' being chewed up by metal teeth, the pulsing 6 1/2-minute track is the heartbeat.”

Kevin Bronson  Buzzbands LA


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