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Sean Keenan from Nixer

Nixer continue a creatively prolific 2023 with their third single of the year Second Hand (May 19) along with the announcement of their second full EP I hit the town and the town hit me back.

Following on from the success of Pleasure & Irish Dancer, Second Hand continues the act’s run of diverse singles, from both a sonic and thematic perspective.

Right from the off, the Nixer sound was fully formed. It could be described as ‘New Wave’ and is a fusion of vocals, guitar and synths. They cite influences in their music from acts such as Boy Harsher, Molchat Doma, King Krule, Fontaines D.C., and The Stone Roses.

Nixer began as a conversation online between two friends at the beginning of the global pandemic. Very quickly Nixer formed a distinct and unique sound which grabbed the attention of many, despite (at that point) being separated by the Irish Sea. Soviet Wave, Eire Wave, Cold Wave - call it what you will but it's their own sound and it's winning over listeners everywhere.

More importantly, the Nixer sound is a fusion of two people coming from two very different musical backgrounds, where their paths normally wouldn’t cross. This puts Nixer in a position where their sound is truly unique and original.

Nixer frontman Sean Keenan praying

Praise for Nixer

"Can't wait to hear more from the duo Nixer..." 

- Lauren Laverne choosing People Feel as her 'While You Were Sleeping' track on BBC 6 Music

"That is particularly homemade music. Gentrification is a track by Nixer, Nixer is a new discovery of mine..”

- Iggy Pop, BBC 6 Music

“I love that one. That was Nixer with Gentrification. I think it’s such an exciting listen, just a real certain energy to it. Big ups Nixer!”

- Gemma Bradley, BBC ATL Introducing

“There’s something unique, yet reassuringly familiar with Nixer. I think the Irish accent for me alongside these new wave inspired sounds has me really fucking keen to hear more. It’s a sound and style I’m familiar with, but hearing accents I’ve not traditionally heard alongside these sounds is just fucking brilliant. I want to hear a Nixer album!"

- Sam Greenwood, Head of FOURFOURMAG.COM


“WOOOOOOW, I feel like I’ve just completely been smacked in the face. Yeah this is sick, I like it! There’s something really anxious about it, like you know you’re on a dancefloor but somebody has whispered in your ear that somebody on that dancefloor is gonna hit you, but you’re still having a good time but you’re just waiting for it. Yeah, that one’s a banger” ­– On Magnolia Mouth.

- Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1




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