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iNNUENDO release first single on Blowtorch Records 'don't ask away'

Dublin art rock band iNNUENDO release defiant new single don't ask away and celebrate with launch gig in ANSEO


Track: don't ask away


Released: July 5 2024

Further to our announcement of Dublin art-rock band iNNUENDO joining Blowtorch Records, they have released their first single with us, don't ask away.

cover art for don't ask away by Dublin art rock band iNNUENDO

don't ask away is unlike much else coming out of Ireland currently and adds another strand to the already sky high level of music talent emanating from all corners of this inimitable island. While revelling in the Dublin guitar music scene, iNNUENDO bring an artier side to their output. Previous single clear motion had gorgeous Cocteau Twins energy; don't ask away the art school outlook of early Roxy Music, Sparks and David Bowie. And listen to that skyscraping, stellar chorus.

The band themselves say "don't ask away is a powerful, high-energy anthem brimming with raw female rage and defiance. This track captures the frustration and anger of feeling unseen and used, offering today's youth a voice to scream out against those who value them only for their image rather than their true selves. With its fierce lyrics and climactic choruses, this track addresses the pain of being wanted for a facade while your personality is ignored. Wrapped in iNNUENDO's signature sonically expansive style, the song is an unforgettable and empowering rallying cry for anyone who's ever felt undervalued or dismissed."

iNNUENDO release their debut EP On Occasion this September, recorded and produced by Daniel De Burca, and mixed by Alex Borwick, after a summer-long rollout of contrasting singles. This EP explores the ups and downs of dealing with taxing, undefined relationships and the journey to finding acceptance with rich sonic soundscapes and heartfelt hooks. With relatable themes of defiance, misunderstanding, and rejection, On Occasion speaks to the challenges faced by today's youth.


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