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TV People review roundup

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We've been busy scouring the web to bring you all the reviews of the new single 'Out Of The Silence' from Dublin's TV People


TV People's latest single (and first of 2021) is Out of the Silence and was released on July 1st. It's been gathering rave reviews ever since and we have scoured the web to bring you a selection of the best. Saves you time - we're good like that.

The song was track of the week on Blowtorch Records and our own 20 second review went like this: 'starting with a stately drum beat, the track builds and winds sinuously, humming sonorously with Paul's baritone. A thrilling change of tempo urges the track on to an end which leaves you wanting you more. Classy.'

We're biased of course so let's see what the rest of the World thought.

HotPress Magazine 'On their latest track, the rising rock duo double down on their dark sound which gained the attention of critics and music fans alike over the last 12 months.'

Backseat Mafia 'Out of the Silence very much springs from the same verdant snow-capped peaks as the new wave of goth epitomised by band such as Interpol, The Editors and White Lies and is a welcome addition to the fold.'

Play It Loud UK 'There is a dark, brooding sound to Out of Silence but the quality of the vocals is striking and perfectly matches the atmosphere of the song. This is a track full of love for their hometown.'

Indie Buddie 'TV People are an evocative and compelling band to listen to. With each release, the listener gets an exciting glimpse into their vast, rich pool of talent and it’s simply extraordinary.'

Mix It All Up 'Out of the Silence is a gloriously gloomy track for the most part, but it’s broken up by colourful melodies throughout.'

The Indie Scene 'Out of the Silence begins with a riff similar in style to Arctic Monkeys, particularly the Crying Lightning intro, but from there the song treads a different path than that of the indie-rockers. With a vocal style similar to Editors and perhaps even Ian Curtis thanks to a melancholic edge, the song feels like it has a toned-down punk style.'

About That Record 'The brand new single is a windingly cathartic perspective of the indifferent energy of Dublin; vocals are deafeningly deep and guitars are piercingly cold.'

Rua Media. 'Out of the Silence sees TV People reminisce the drowsy but euphoric quality of acts such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seed and Joy Division: a sound that we can never get enough of.'

I think you get the idea - it's brilliant. Goth, gloomy and going places.

Take a listen for yourself and follow them on Spotify then you'll never miss another release.



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