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Jagged Baptist Club: A Blowtorch Records Sampler on cassette

Jagged Baptist Club cassette sampler_edited.jpg

To celebrate the release of Jagged Baptist Club's new album Temptation Death House on November 5, we are releasing a sampler of tracks taken from it and also their first album.

It features ten tracks chosen by the band's frontman Blake Stokes and is a great introduction to their sleazily kinetic art-punk sound. And to a new album described by Blake as "Public Image Limited meets Division of Laura Lee, covering Trompe Le Monde while having a nervous breakdown that's being live-streamed on the internet."


1. Chop x8

2. Haunted By The Night

3. Reptile Super Show 

4. In Sequence

5. Clerks, Bookkeepers And Accountants


1. Temptation Death House

2. Running On Synthetic

3. Change Today (Start Feeling Good) 

4. Bent By Satisfaction

5. Inside The Coffin

Back cover Jagged Baptist Club cassette sampler
Digital download
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