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Logo for Liverpool indie band Moondog
Logo for Moondog

Moondog was the solo project of Jack Waite. His home recorded tracks include hints of math rock, psychedelic rock and electronica. He released debut EP ‘The Sky’ in April 2020 on all streaming platforms. 

October saw the release of the second EP 'Moondog'. Written mainly during lockdown, it has a heavier and more musically ambitious feel.

2021 saw Jack expand the lineup with himself on guitar and vocals, Ethan on guitar, Joe on bass and Jim on drums. April saw a new track Meadow teasing the release of their debut long player Jump The Sun on May 15.

Remarkably they released a second album in September Stitch of Stares which is available on their BandCamp page. 

It was recorded in Jack's home studio between March - August 2020 with the exception of Prints which was written in 2021. The title is taken from the lyric “in a stitch of stares she weeps away the night” in the eponymous track.


Jack relates: "The last track Pleasants has been in the works since before March 2020 and is the favourite piece I've written. It took me a lot of different versions of the song to get it just how I wanted. There's one more album left in what I would sort of call a series since my first release. After the next project things will be more collaborative for sure and definitely stemming far from the traditional Moondog sound."


Moondog EP
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