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Irish darkwave producer OWLS releases new single 'Bury Me'

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Longford artist and producer OWLS is back with his second single of 2023 Bury Me


Track: Bury me

Band: OWLS

Released: December 8 2023

Cover artwork for Bury Me by OWLS

We are fairly sure Longford producer OWLS doesn't possess the gift of second sight so it is pure chance his new single Bury Me sees the light on the day of Shane MacGowan's funeral. For any readers with an unironic constitution, we should point out the release was scheduled weeks ago.

Given Shane's dislike of funerals (as disclosed by his wife Victoria) and his own darkly humorous outlook on life, I'm sure he would raise a glass and a trademark laugh ("like all the air escaping from a tyre in ten seconds") at this dark coincidence. And the continued ascendancy of new Irish music.

... takes you through the shadows of post punk while seamlessly blending with the pulsating heart beats of techno.

Bury Me follows on from the gothic electronica of Swallow My Love ("... as dark as a Nick Cave murder ballad except set to the quantised oscillations of chest pounding synths") and takes you through the shadows of post punk while seamlessly blending with the pulsating heart beats of techno. Haunting, abrasive vocals guide us through a labyrinth of emotions & warnings, echoing a tumultuous dance of life and death.

Never one to shy away from the collision of boiling human emotions with stark techno, OWLS is a darkwave specialist. He brings a relentless intensity to the track via the acid sounds of the Roland 303 and a rumbling Juno 106 bassline. Gritty rhythms collide with raw emotion to give us another driving, hypnotic lament from the scarred glacial landscape of Longford.

2023 has been a busy year for OWLS. With a headline show in Dublin's Pawn Shop, Summer festival appearances and a slew of underground events, the Longford based artist has been honing his live set to deliver electrifying synth-punk shows.

You can catch OWLS live in the Pawn Shop Bunker, Dame St. Dublin on Sat 16th Dec. It promises to be an intimate, sweaty affair.

A very special 12" limited edition vinyl is now available via Blowtorch Records.

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