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New releases from Numbskull Narrative and Tung In Cheek

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The fourth in our series highlighting new singles from non Blowtorch bands. Today it's two slamming Irish punk tracks from Galway's Numbskull Narrative and Dublin's Tung In Cheek


Artist: Numbskull Narrative

Track: Matchstick House

Casey & Francis from Galway punk band Numskull Narrative

Galway’s Numbskull Narrative have just released their new single and video Matchstick House. The band are clear that it acts as a metaphor for toxic rumination and unproductive mentality. In particular the track attempts to communicate the struggle to stay present. Meditative and breathing techniques are continuously referenced throughout the song, tools utilised to combat the re-imagining of past mistakes as well as the imagining of false futures.

The primary message is to highlight that past wrongs cannot be unwritten; let these thoughts burn and stay present, in the now.

Don't let the gently beguiling intro fool you. The track soon launches into the main event - a full frontal assault worthy of Rage Against The Machine. Their punk is more at the alt rock end of the spectrum than say Black Flag but it has the same intensity. And as we always say, punk is an attitude which revels in a DIY spirit more than a genre of music. When words are spat out with such force, it brings to minds rap artists such as Public Enemy as much as obvious touchstones like Deftones.

Electric with energy, there is also some watchful wordplay when deploying the matchstick metaphor. Something constructed from these flimsy wooden slivers is relatively strong yet with a fuse on one end the whole edifice could go up in smoke at any moment.

Numbskull Narrative is a Galway based punk rock project, formed towards the end of 2022 and currently comprises two active members: Casey on bass guitar, drums and lead vocals along with Francis Glynn on lead guitar and backing vocals.

To date, the musical content of the project could be described as a middle finger in the direction of self-sabotage and toxic rumination. The aim is to remain completely DIY and independent in relation to the production of their music and artwork, while the overall message of the band attempts to communicate the overcoming of poor mental health.

Numbskull Narrative are a fine addition to Galway's burgeoning punk scene. Catch them soon.

* * *

Artist: Tung In Cheek

Track: Rib Cage

Dublin four piece punk band Tung In Cheek
Photo @Plain.Sight_

The new track Rib Cage from the four-man emerging indie rock outfit Tung in Cheek presents the band's first release in over 12 months. This is the debut single off a 5-track EP, which is due to be out in full in Spring 2023. Rib Cage represents the band’s more abrasive, post-punk and garage rock elements with coarse effect-soaked guitar tones, thumping distorted bass and pulsating drums.

The track crashes in like Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out but then steers a quite different path. Considering that the vocal doesn't come for nearly a minute, it packs a hell of a lot into its 3:22 run time. It also seems to document some punches packed as the lyrics detail:

"How does the blood taste, we can't walk straight

A cracked rib cage, has put you in your place"

Frontman Andy Burke’s distinctive Dublin vocals invite inevitable comparisons with Fontaines DC yet this is not the poetry of Joyce or Kavanagh. Rather that of a working class life lived on the streets and holding your own in the midst of a hostile social environment and turbulent lifestyle. Brendan Behan springs to mind.

"Don't be above me in those sad cut clothes

Knock offs and dummies, he's a casual bloke"

With this single, the band demonstrates a development of their sound and one that captures the energy and bite of their renowned live shows held in Ireland and London throughout 2022. It contrasts sharply with and is an evolution from their most recent release, the mellow ballad Ragbag Púca which received notable reviews on its release.

Tung in Cheek are Andy Burke (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Eoin O’Shea (lead guitar and backing vocals), Gavin Dunne (bass), and Chris Brady (drums and backing vocals). Rib Cage was recorded and mixed by Dan Doherty of Darklands Audio and was mastered by Pete Maher.


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