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Nixer release lead single from their new People Feel EP

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

People Feel is the lead single and title track from the upcoming EP


Track: People Feel

Band: Nixer

Released: January 5 2022

Welcome to 2022. And what a start as Nixer release People Feel. They've been quiet of late and now we know why. Peggs and Seán have been busy beavering away in their South London studio, brewing up the enchanting elixir of a 6 track EP.

People Feel is the lead single, title track and also number four of the six songs which document a night out - beginning in a corner shop at the start of the night and ending at a crossroads the morning after. As well as being a banging club track, it covers some of the night on the dance floor and the emotions that can engender. Maybe all is not pure happiness as it opens up with “I left my lover inside, I tell them that I smoke and escape for moments in the night”, a calculated lie in an attempt to escape and be alone.

It is a statement of intent with a vocal delivery so direct, it’s hard not to feel the chorus when it comes. It's arty and angular and for us is an electronic analogue to guitar driven post punk. Imagine Budgie on a drum stool rather than a programmed beat with John McGeoch playing those scything, melodic guitar lines and it's not a stretch to see the Siouxsie and The Banshees reference. It's simple, direct, simultaneously cold and emotional, and extraordinarily effective.

In some ways it reflects the new wave of electronic music from the likes of WH Lung, Lounge Society and Working Mens Club and there are eastern echoes of cold wave/Soviet wave outfits such as Molchat Doma. Yet Seán's exuberant vocals add an extra layer of emotion on top of Peggs' precise productions and the distinct Irish delivery could be as much Fontaines DC as Ploho.

We love this rich, sparse sound for a new and hopefully better year. Let's hear their take: "The song writing process for the EP was a practice in opening up to yourself about how you feel and being as honest as possible in doing so. Without getting overly personal or exclusive in the lyrics, we have managed to capture a range of feelings and emotions that are instantly relatable to all."

With plays on BBC6 music's Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq already, People Feel presages good times for Nixer.


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