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Undercover Martians release Window Shopping

Connacht quartet deliver an early Christmas present with this slow building epic


Track: Window Shopping

Band: Undercover Martians

Released: December 17 2021

Like a musical advent calendar, doors keep opening to brilliant new music. This week is no exception as Undercover Martians deliver us their new cut Window Shopping.

Hailing from both sides of the Donegal-Leitrim border, the four piece merges classic rock and punk indie sensibilities, drawing influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Interpol and Green Day. Valuing quality over quantity, this is their first release since 2020's Wandering Eye and only their fourth overall. When they are this good, give us four over forty every time. This song captivates. It starts out a wee bit hesitantly, as if unsure of itself. It's like the first drink on a night out - how's it going to down, where will the night go? A simple guitar line reminiscent of The Cure accompanies plaintive vocals - nice start but is it going to be a top night? Then the drums come in followed by the rest of the band - forget your doubts and get the next round in. This track builds and builds to an epic end. You're in for a great time.

Killian from the band takes up the story. "We put the song together back in 2019, and since then it’s become one of our favourites to play live, and the closing song in our set. Window Shopping is all about how people have different exteriors, when inside they might want more fulfilment than they let on. It’s our way of looking at the superficiality of peoples' personalities, and at how someone behaves on the outside or out in public might be very different to how they really are."

If you think the track has a live feel to it then you wouldn't be far off. Remarkably the track was recorded in one of their mate's living rooms, which was emptied of furniture and turned into a makeshift studio. It was again tracked and produced by Anthony Wall who has history with this on previous UM tracks - it's a winning formula. A short hop to the beer fridge and no commute after.

Quick scoop - the band are moment in the middle of recording their debut EP which they hope will come out in spring 2022. In the meantime bathe in the beauty of this belter - a great night out guaranteed.

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