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Latest podcast features Keeley Moss from Dublin band Keeley

The author of the Keeley Chronicles and tireless campaigner for Inga Maria Hauser discusses her life in music

Cover art for Keeley Moss podcast

Keeley Moss is the front woman of Keeley, the Dublin band, who describe their sound as a blissful buffet of dreampop and psychedelic rock. She describes herself as 'a sonic sorcerer like no other. True crime. True music.' Well there is nothing in this podcast to disabuse us of this and all the better for it.

It's an indie-inspired, contrarians' conversation about why she prefers to be on the fringes yet also loves mainstream pop. Ranging from Bananarama to Nirvana via The Smiths, and always with the influence of Inga Maria Hauser driving her on, it's a life-affirming story of someone finding their place in the World. Someone becoming who they are.

Here's 10 things we learned from the podcast

  1. Keeley has only 2 interests - music and true crime

  2. She fell in love with music by listening to West End Girls by The Pet Shop Boys

  3. Her life changed when she heard The Smiths. She recounts "it was like removing a blindfold" once she discovered them age 14 and that’s what inspired her to pick up the guitar

  4. Her favourite TV program growing up was Prisoner Cell Block H

  5. The first song she ever wrote was called Smith Bounces Back - about Bea Smith in Prisoner Cell Block H. And no-one will ever hear it

  6. As a Gemini she has a two-headed approach to many things and gladly straddles the dual worlds of mainstream pop and left field, obtuse indie sensibility

  7. All her songs are about Inga Maria Hauser She considers herself a facilitator to try and bring Inga's voice to life 33 years after her murder.

  8. Now the only way she can write is by writing about Inga

  9. Music is her only form of escapism - no drink, no drugs, no sex

  10. She's a top guest and a fabulous songwriter

I hope that's whetted your appetite for our wide ranging chat and of course great music. Enjoy!




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