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Review of Some Remain's third single Never Enough

Updated: Jan 12

Can you have too much of music this good? Jonah Hoy investigates.


Charming sloppiness and unbridled apathy mean Some Remain's new singles have this nonchalant snarl to their sound. Picture if The Strokes got together with The Dead Boys cranking out tunes about how even the birds singing a beautiful song isn't enough to make your day any better. Never Enough is a little ode to that feeling of self-pity and frustration that comes with searching for whatever you want but coming up with nothing. Sligo garage noise quartet Some Remain want you to quit your bitching, stop your sulking and get up to do something about it.

The other side, Montoya, still has the same sloppy, dry snarl as Never Enough; its theme takes on the opposite approach. Birds singing, things are all good, but for whatever reason, nothing seems to be enough to make you happy. All those cute, quaint little things that make life worth it just dry you out and are a bore.

Layered with a screeching guitar solo that vibrates like a laser zigzagging through a piece of metal, it gives a beat that makes your head wanna bob in the most nonchalantly but irritatingly exhausted way possible.

Post punks with a little grit and a bit of an attitude problem but not wanting to put in the effort to do something about it. They just wanna sit and bitch and start trouble. Slightly distorted tones with faintly off-key, off-beat vocals feed into the sloppiness charm that gives Some Remain their punk charisma. Something to tap your feet to while you laugh and blow everything else off that people think makes the world lovely.


Some Remain's first single Walk Away features on our second compilation vinyl This Could Work

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