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Some Remain release their third single on digital & vinyl

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Almost exactly a year after last single Television comes their best yet - the appropriately titled Never Enough. Quality over quantity for the Sligo quartet.


Track: Never Enough b/w Montoya

Band: Some Remain

Released: January 7 2022

Some Remain single Never Enough cover art

In our blog noting Sligo garage punk quartet's last release Television, we highlighted an endearing penchant for taking their time and not mistaking quantity for quality. True to type, almost a year later they have released their third single Never Enough - and what a beauty it is.

Recorded with Felipé Loughran-Ponce from Fused Ion studios in Galway and mixed/mastered by the band themselves, this marks a significant step up in their sound whilst retaining their sneery, disdainful racket.

It adds some syncopation to their dishevelled Libertines-style mix with a nod to Two Tone ska as well as UK acts such as Buzzcocks and US indie like Pavement and Sonic Youth.

Once again they have also delivered a coruscating b side Montoya and the two tracks will be available on Blowtorch Records 7" vinyl in early February 2023.

Other features


Some Remain's first single Walk Away features on our second compilation vinyl This Could Work

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