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Welcome Adore to Blowtorch Records

No singles, no videos (yet) and they're already the talk of the G town


Adore are a trio made up of (L to R) Lachlann Ó Fionnáin​ on bass and vocals, Naoise Jordan Cavanagh on drums and Lara Minchin on guitar and vocals. And we are thrilled to announce our new partnership as they release their first recorded tracks in 2023.

Lachlann, Naoise and Lara from Adore join Blowtorch Records

They've all played in other bands and now bring all their chops to the tightest trio in Ireland. We saw them first at Electric Picnic 2022 and we were captivated. Naoise is also the drummer in Punching Peaches so chats started and now here we are.

They have no music on streaming platforms, no videos on YouTube and yet there is already a palpable buzz about this outfit. Word of mouth, a DIY spirit and relentless gigging have brought them thus far and you can see why - they exude a live confidence and gang mentality which audiences love. And they have great songs too, powered by a super charged rhythm section with highly engaging front woman Lara surfing along on their drum and bass rumble.

They purvey a melodic brand of garage rock - think The Breeders, White Stripes, Elastica, Sprints. There are two tracks - Postcards and Stay Free - currently being mixed (by Mike O'Dowd from Athlone's Lakeland Studios who also recorded them) for a Spring 2023 release.

To celebrate I chatted to the band in their Galway rehearsal space before they headlined a Free House gig in Áras na nGael. We had to set off for the sound check after 20 minutes so the second part takes place in the car. In the rainy rush hour traffic, so sound effects abound. Great chat though - learn all you ever wanted to know about this noisy, melodic, thrilling and ador(e)able band.


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