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Wyse releases new single '3 Whole Days'

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The final single from her Allusions EP before it is released on July 29


Track: 3 Whole Days

Band: Wyse

Released: July 22 2022

Cover art for Belladonna by Wyse

3 Whole Days is the new single from Wyse and was released on streaming platforms on July 22.

Another great alt pop track and another fabulous production. It starts off with a synth line worthy of Giorgio Moroder before a huge chorus with hints of Blondie's Atomic.

It feels like Wyse threw everything at this track and she herself says "I wanted the production of this song to have a sense of humour beneath the dark and difficult lyrical content. Hence the dance-like drums, the orchestral slide and the over-the-top majestic ending with the brass section. The progressive sonic structure of 3 Whole Days comes from several different ideas that I played with and put together over a span of a year. I created the song so that the momentum builds more and more, reaching a climactic ending which ties all the ideas together into one"

On the dark lyrics she relates "rejection is something I try to avoid, because to me it’s one of the worst feelings. After a break-up at university, I had a lot of shame around feeling rejected. I didn’t want to admit the emotion was there because I didn’t want to care. Like Run Away, the first single from my Allusions EP, the song 3 Whole Days documents my internal fight between simultaneously wanting to push down those feelings, and the need to express them."

We love this track - probably our favourite from the EP.

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