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Wyse releases new single Belladonna

The second single from her Allusions EP comes from a younger, more unsure self


Track: Belladonna

Band: Wyse

Released: June 10 2022

Cover art for Belladonna by Wyse

Belladonna is the new single from Wyse and was released on streaming platforms on June 10.

It was written when she was at university in London and grappling with her goals as a musician. Plagued with self-doubt, the two options were to whole-heartedly throw herself into music, and to do whatever was needed to achieve her goals, or to throw in the towel and thus avoid the chance of failure.

This dichotomy is reflected in the title - Belladonna the poisonous but beautiful plant, which is also has medicinal purposes. Thankfully she chose music as medicine.

Originally written and performed on an acoustic guitar, it is now a fully fledged production. Dancing between light and darkness, the descending chord sequence of the menacing opening is reminiscent of Massive Attack. The fact that you can feel that the track is going to take off doesn't make any less thrilling when it comes and it builds brilliantly into the climactic final section.

Belladonna is the second single from Wyse's upcoming 5 track Allusions EP which will be out on Blowtorch vinyl this summer. This along with first single Run Away surely position the EP as one of the one of the most anticipated alt pop releases of 2022.


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