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Vinyl lovers! Our record club subscription offers amazing music and value. For a one-off payment of €150 or €15/month we will ship 12 quality vinyl records to your door. The finest in Irish punk, postpunk, shoegaze and electronica. All sign ups get a free copy of the new Paranoid Visions 7" single and a bonus CD.

Blowtorch Record club logo

Our Record Club is a new membership community which gives you 6 new vinyl and 6 from our back catalog over the course of a year. Plus a permanent 10% discount in our shop, exclusive merch and early access to new releases. All for a one-off payment of €150 - just €12.50/month for 12 quality vinyl records including shipping. You can also choose to pay by a monthly subscription of €15. That's about the price of a Spotify plan except the money goes to bands instead of billionaires. Click here for full details

If you have bought from us before don't be deterred - we won't send you anything you already have and will add a substitute instead. Pricing applies to EU and UK only - if you're outside these countries contact us for shipping rates.

Shipment #1

Paranoid Visions artwork 40 years part 1 LP

Paranoid Visions red vinyl 12" EP. It contains a new track, 40 YEARS IN 45 MINUTES on side A (45rpm). The other side (33rpm) holds new 2022 recordings of tracks from the 80s (TIME BOMB), 90s (ANGRY), 00s (I AM THE ONE) and 10s (JOIN THE DOTS) along with audio inserts of each decade's pivotal news stories.


Paranoid Visions are Dublin’s longest surviving punk band, formed in the Irish capital in 1981. Influenced by UK anarcho-punks like Crass and Flux of Pink Indians  PV operate outside the mainstream music industry. All sign ups also get a bonus copy of the 7" single.

Cover art Future West LP Who Will Forgive All My Sins

12" black vinyl LP Who Will Forgive All My Sins with artwork by David Noonan (Just Mustard). Includes printed inner insert with lyrics.


Future West is the project of Dundalk multi instrumentalist and producer Francis Watters. He and his band spent 18 months writing and recording this instant indie classic in their newly built home studio. Who Will Forgive All My Sins was their second album and released August 2022.


FFO The Strokes, Car Seat Headrest & The Cribs. Listen to a track here

Shipment #2

Cover art for Depression Breakfast by Japanese Jesus

Black vinyl 12" EP from Limerick's Japanese Jesus. Depression Breakfast will be their first vinyl release and features previous single Tension and four other brand new tracks. Their tightly focused punk adds a hard core edge to their Idles/USA Nails ferocity.

Cover art for Nothing More by TV People

Nothing More 12" EP on red vinyl from Dublin's postmodern, post punk TV People. They bring a dramatic production style to their melancholically uplifting gritty urban tales. FFO Interpol, The Murder Capital, Fontaines DC, Joy Division, Editors.

Shipment #3

Cover art for Emperors of St Mary's Road

New Punching Peaches 10" vinyl 5 track EP - Emperors of St Mary's Road

Transmit A Little Heaven EP front cover

Virgins' Transmit A Little Heaven EP on pink vinyl

Recod club details

The Record Club starts in May 2023 and runs for one year with 6 bi monthly shipments. The membership for 12 months including shipping is €150 as a one off payment (by card or PayPal) or 12 monthly payments of €15 (by card only). Once signed up, every 2 months you will receive one new Blowtorch Records vinyl and one from the archives. You will also get your own permanent 10% discount code for use on any shop product. You can sign up any time in the year and receive the previous shipments in one go.

With each shipment we may send out other related merch and we will also keep you updated on digital releases, early access to new releases and special offers.

These rates apply to subscribers in the EU and UK only. If you're outside these countries please contact us as extra shipping rates will apply.

For the monthly payment model, when signing up you commit to €15 being charged to your card each month for 12 months whereupon the subscription is complete and no more charges will apply.

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