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Ace of Blase

Updated: May 26, 2020


One half of Kid Slang debuts new solo project


Cover art for Blase's Elusive Colors EP

Back in April when we received the School Days EP from Chicago duo Kid Slang, we made Junior High AF track of the week. And on hearing the track P.E., we wrote ‘The bass will literally quiver your bones, yet in a caressingly, kind fashion, like having a session with a loving loudspeaker masquerading as a masseuse.’ Imagine our excitement then, when out of the blue we received news of a side project.

Blase is one half of Kid Slang and has a new solo project with his debut EP Elusive Colours. He is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Chicago. He first made his name on the underground indie scene playing drums with the likes of Jude Shuma, Kid Slang, Dried Spider, Niika, B Forrest and SevenHouses. Introduced to music at an early age, Blase has continued to absorb himself in the art of drums, percussion, composing and recording and hopes to reveal new layers of his artistry and find the truth in what sounds he hears and feels.

"Seems like I've lost all of my weight, that once held me down to the ground"

The 5 track EP was all recorded in his upstairs living room over the past two years. It is coloured in abstract tones and textures which all come together to portray a sonic mixture of indie, alternative, and rock. It's a different vibe to Slang Kid yet shares some of the warm, lo-fi loveliness. Less electronic, more analogue in its instrumentation and with a deliciously laid back wooziness, it puts us in mind of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mac de Marco. Highly recommended.



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