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Debut single announcement from The Savage Hearts

Updated: May 7

Lead by ex Strypes drummer Evan Walsh, The Savage Hearts plan a 2024 release for debut single Gang War/Speed Kills on digital and vinyl.


Single: Gang War c/w Speed Kills

Band: The Savage Hearts

Released: Jan/Feb 2024

Cover artwork for The Savage hearts single - Gang War c/w Seed Kills

Headed up by former Strypes drummer Evan Walsh, for some time now at an undisclosed location, several musicians from Cavan and the surrounding areas have been collaborating in secret. And worshipping at the altar of highly uncelebrated and hugely mysterious rock ’n’ roll monstrosity Eddie Cruizer (also star of drive-in flops such as “The Creature That Ate Your Sister” and “Hot Rod Rocky & The Asbury Playboys vs Dracula”).

The questionable actions of these individuals has resulted in a debut 7" single - the thuggish bruiser boogie Gang War backed with mile-a-minute deathtrap ditty Speed Kills - two garage rockin' psych trippin' stomps that are sure to thrill and leave a thousand questions on your lips about these elusive men and the legend of Eddie Cruizer. Who is he? Where does he go? Why does he bother??


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