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Full Irish Breakfast Update From SXSW

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The Dead Rabbit in Austin. That's the venue not the menu. Specials today are M(h)aol, Silverbacks and The Scratch.


Day 4 of our video coverage from SXSW and it's the full Irish. Hosted by Music From Ireland, the Full Irish Breakfast was a chance to see a selection of acts from across Ireland perform in an intimate setting while being served breakfast Irish style.

First up fiery fem-punks M(h)aol with Therapy. As the Guardian noted of their album Attachment Styles "The five-piece combine wit, skill and primal music on an album that is vulnerable, triumphant and cathartic in equal measure"

You can find all M(h)oal details in their SXSW bio.

M(h)aol at the Dead Rabbit SXSW

Next one of our favourite Irish bands Silverbacks. Their last album Archive Material is a joy from start to end and as we noted at the time, sounds like songs from a 60s French jazz club with added Television guitars. Here's the title track.

Silverbacks at the Dead Rabbit SXSW

To finish off with The Scratch. As their bio notes "The Scratch have moulded triumphant melodies with the groove and intensity of metal. You will not have seen anything like this band." Well here you go - you decide.

The Scratch at the Dead Rabbit SXSW


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