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Nixer drop surprise 'Irish Dancer' for St Patrick's Day

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

They're Irish and they like to dance. We should have seen it coming.


Track: Irish Dancer

Band: Nixer

Released: March 17 2023

Cover art for Irish Dancer by Nixer

Hot on the heels of last month's release of Pleasure, Nixer announce their surprise Paddy's Day single Irish Dancer.

It's an absolute carnage of a track, buzzing with BPM and ramping up your dance receptors. The record’s motif is jovial, energetic & frenetic but was written in a period of converse feelings for the songwriter & lead singer Seán Keenan. The track, devised in the author’s head on a cold December morning cycle through South London, provided a cathartic outlet and inspired a period of creativity which will form the basis of Nixer’s output for the year ahead.

Irish Dancer marks a development in the Nixer sound with additional production provided by NYC based Simon Gardner.

Lyrically the record explores the feelings of isolation one feels in today’s world of social media and the duality of these social frameworks. The ‘Dancer’ has meaning both literally and metaphorically, referring to the connection with someone and the liberating act of dance itself.

To mark the occasion Nixer are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day release party with Bean Sí & Saoirse Moncrieff in London's Sebright Arms.

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