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Jagged Baptist Club video for Jeff Schroeder remix of Temptation Death House.

The Jeff Schroeder remix is one of seven reworks of JBC's seminal track.


Artist: Jagged Baptist Club

Track: Temptation Death House (Jeff Schroeder remix)

Title frame Jagged Baptist Club video of Jeff Schroeder remix

As we noted in a previous blog, the original version of Temptation Death House was "... built around an unstoppably sexy drum and bass groove - the song winds its way through the city like an Anaconda on its way to a guillotine."

Then along came Smashing Pumpkins' Jeff Schroeder to tear it down and rebuild it in his own gothic image. There is always an air of sleazy danger around Jagged Baptist Club tracks and Jeff has amped this to the max on his new mix. One of an astonishing seven remixes (all available on our exclusive CD), so far it's the only to benefit from a video.

Directed by David Miller (although it could have been David Lynch), Schroeder joins the band in the video which the band describe rather aptly as “John Carpenter’s Goth Prom Afterparty.” Not to be missed.

Frontman Blake Stokes takes up the story: “David pitched us the wild idea of going to the very edge of Los Angeles, a place called The Sunken City.” I guess that's the perfect spot for the Anaconda to end up on the guillotine.

“It’s a sectioned-off area of San Pedro that is essentially a series of cliffs falling into the sea. We followed David off to the razor's edge of our beloved city and let him work his anarchistic video magic. Uncontrolled fires, beautiful dancers, a werewolf cameo and even a Smashing Pumpkin, all hanging off the edge of the world.”

Adds Miller: “JBC has that flavor of the classic unpretentious, unhinged alternative bands I grew up loving, and I wanted to reflect some of that wildness in the visuals — noir meets collage meets punk.” Job done David.

Check out the video here. The remix CD is available in our online shop.


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