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Latest Podcast with Andy Marke

Andy runs Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Records with Ian McGlynn and they are keeping psych sounds physical


Image for episode 42 of Blowtorch Records podcast

Andy Marke runs the Dublin-based Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Record label as a joint venture with Ian McGlynn. He also hosts DJ nights, promotes gigs and presents a show on Near FM.

Himself and Ian have carved out their own psych/garage/Kraut rock/shoegaze infused niche and it's a top place to spend some time with an ace lineup of underground bands from Ireland and further afield. They also have a commitment to keeping music physical with regular limited edition vinyl and cassette releases.

Andy joined me for a chat on episode 42 of the Blowtorch Records - we have a great deal in common as our chat reveals.

The top takeaway for me is that they formed the label to release the Sun Mahshene Space Echoes LP as their own label weren't interested in a vinyl release. Incredible.

We also discuss Damien Carroll, The Daily Earworm, Krypton Bulb, MELTS, Meryl Streek, Stefan Murphy, The Sound House, Shirley & The Pyramids, Tibetan Miracle Seeds, Emily 7, Italia 90, FIFA Records, THEE U.F.O, The Plastic Ensemble, The Swedish Railway Orchestra, Virgins, Dermot Defaoite's Indie Rocks show and some other stuff too!!

What a delight to spend 45 minutes in the company of someone who is so passionate about what he does - and all in his spare time. Listen and be inspired.

You can find Fuzzed Up & Astromoon on Facebook and Bandcamp and Andy's Near FM show on Mixcloud


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