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Blowtorch Records is four years old

Our Galway based record label continues the fight for independence, community action and authenticity.


We have no delusions of grandeur at Blowtorch. We are a microcog in a massive and unpredictable music promotion machine which is unfortunately still dominated by corporate major labels such as Warner and Sony, and increasingly by algorithms. However we are nothing if not analogue and stubborn and this January we celebrate our 4th anniversary. Four years in which we have stuck to the principles in our manifesto. Particularly:

Like the brilliantly named FIFA Records in Cork, we are Forever In Financial Arrears but our success lies in the community we have created not in money. A like minded group of folk who value the communal power of underground often uncommercial music. So thanks to you for sticking with us! Like Mark E Smith, we are not 'look back bores' yet it's worth highlighting two recent releases which show what a determined effort between band and label can do. Sligo foursome Some Remain have been us since 2020. Their previous single Television was played on Steve Lamacq'a introducing show. Their latest Never Enough has been featured on John Kennedy's Radio X show and is on the Amazing Radio playlist. Plus it's available on vinyl and the pre order is well on the way to selling out. Another vinyl close to being a sell out is Transmit A Little Heaven from Belfast's Virgins. Only around in their current form since mid 2022, they have already completed a UK tour, been featured as the new sound of shoegaze in numerous high profile reviews, played on the BBC's Across The Line and released their debut EP on glorious pink vinyl. Thanks to them and all our brilliant bands and thanks to you too. As a wee gift, remember promo code JANPP will get you free postage on everything in our shop.


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