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Our latest podcast features Portsmouth-based musician, producer and songwriter Wyse

New Blowtorch Records signing Wyse discusses her life in music


Wyse is the extraordinary front woman of the eponymous band, driven by a need to express difficult truths, by a visceral need to communicate the life she lives in the time in which she finds herself.

The catalyst for her musical projects is her emotional intelligence and maturity coupled with a strong grasp of melody and rhythm.

The telling of her stories in a dynamic but non-conformative way is intended to reflect a contemporary society characterised by constantly evolving change, activity and progress. In turn her musical influences inspire a bold quest for sonic experimentation and relatable intimacy.

Wyse’s music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths. The digital, electronic and acoustic textures of her tracks are tinged with an uplifting melancholy and an emotional vulnerability.

Newly signed to Blowtorch Records, what better time to catch up with her, check out what's happening in Wyse World and see what drives this burgeoning talent.

Here's 10 things we learned from the podcast

  1. Wyse is based in Southsea, Portsmouth UK - party central from Wednesday to Sunday!

  2. She started writing songs when she was 10 years old

  3. Her first ever song was about the hardships of school - ironically as she enjoyed school

  4. She started gigging in Portsmouth with her acoustic guitar when she was 16

  5. She spent 3 years learning to produce music (largely self taught via trial and error) and her first 'proper' track was Human which is on her debut EP

  6. She writes as she's producing i.e. she builds out and records her songs as she is authoring them

  7. She writes a list of realistic goals at the beginning of each year which build on the previous 12 months. The ultimate vision is to be a full-time musician

  8. In the either/or section she chose no god over god, night in rather than night out and independent over major label. Right answer!

  9. Her next EP is being mixed ready for release late Spring/early Summer 2022

  10. She loved hanging out with Echobelly (err not a really massive scoop - who wouldn't?!)

Not only does give us great insights into her world and produce fabulous music, she also is keen to advocate for women in the music industry. She has suffered from a lack of role models and imposter syndrome and is determined to shift the paradigm. All power to you Wyse.




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