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WAXX are surfing into 2022 with their new release Out Of Air

Cornish duo add two friends and continue to delight with their melodic grunge pop

Cover art for Out Of Air by WAXX

Out Of Air is the new single from WAXX, Cornwall's noisiest duo. Although technically not a duo on this their first single since before lockdown, as they are joined by mates Richard Searby-Bates and Rachel Anstis.

If you're not familiar, I highly recommend acquainting yourself with them. They line up as Lee 'Pixie' Matthews on vocals & guitar and Bubs Taylor on drums & vocals, creating a ferocious grungy yet melodic power pop. They have been variously described as 'indie rock with a twist of dance and chants’ and 'a supersonic landscape of sound'. And it's that sound which moved Vive Le Rock to comment "capable of stripping paint from venue walls by dint of sheer force..."

Their first release was Trip Around The Sun in 2017 (featured on our A Plan For Something compilation vinyl) and they followed up with the thrilling and brilliantly titled LP Supersonic Antidote Pop in 2018.

Lee takes up the story - "After almost 2 years living in The Upside Down, we’re back and ready with some bangers to try and blast ourselves out of the pandemic funk. On our brand new single Out of Air, we have two friends on board who add some delicious vibes to our mix. We are super happy to be back in the creative world of WAXX and hope you’ll dig what we have been up to." 100% Lee.​

With the opening 'oooh ooohs', the propulsive bass and drums and the sunshine melody you know you are in the warm embrace of WAXX. Yet, unsurprisingly perhaps after 2 years away, there's a different feel to this glorious return. A more mature sound, helped by the addition of Richard & Rachael no doubt; and also a wiser, more wistful lyric - 'I don't wanna be, part of the scene, I don't wanna be, still 23'. And then the defiant chorus - 'But I'm still here, running out of air'. What a joyful fuck you to the past two years.

As for Dylan Thomas' Boys of Summer, and indeed everyone, time marches inexorably on and "the frigid threads of doubt and dark they feed their nerves" but there is always the life-affirming joy of music. And in that, the powers of WAXX do not wane.




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