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Mayday! It's OK folks it's just the latest news from Blowtorch Records

We welcome Some Remain, Static Vision release their new single and Turnstiles feature in Galway's 126 Sessions virtual festival


Welcome Some Remain to Blowtorch Records

Sligo band Some Remain

Some Remain are from Sligo, Ireland and are made up of L-R Matthew (Drums), Leo (Bass), Jamie (Vocals) and Colm (Guitar). They have been together nearly 2 years and were preparing to record their debut when lockdown struck. Like every other band they were frustrated by not being able to record, so they posted a video of themselves running through a set of songs in a rehearsal at Rumble Studios which generated a real buzz.

That's how we came across them and you can see it on their YouTube channel - it's rough and raw but the energy and attitude is palpable.

Cover art for Some Remain's debut single Walk Away

Six persisting months later here they are on Blowtorch Records with their debut release Walk Away as track of the week.

With a tip of the hat to some of their influences such as Pixies and The Arctic Monkeys, this track takes off on its own. They know the power of short, sharp and melodic. A blistering debut which bodes well for what comes next. Watch out for the remainers.


New single Casanova from Static Vision

Cover art for Static Vision's track Casanova

The new single from Limerick's Static Vision is Casanova. Cian takes up the story: 'I wrote the song when I was 16 ... I feel that’s what gives the song its childlike essence and flow to it. I didn’t want us to bring out another heavy song. I find it boring when bands or artists get too predictable. I want our music to be refreshing and different with every release and Casanova I feel is a great introduction to that.'


Turnstiles feature in 126 Sessions virtual festival

The Circuit Arts Festival in partnership with 126 Artist-Run Gallery is delighted to introduce a new Music x Arts project funded by Galway 2020. It features a set from Turnstiles, on a set designed and built by friend of Blowtorch Enda Burke.


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