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Nerves announce first single 'Empty' from their debut EP 'Glórach'

West of Ireland trio Nerves will release new single Empty on January 12 with Glórach seeing a vinyl release on March 15 .


Nerves are an experimental punk band from the West of Ireland fronted by Kyle Thornton on vocals/guitar, Charlie McCarthy on bass and Adam Nealon on the drum stool.

Kyle, Charlie and Adam from Irish West coast punk band Nerves

They have built a reputation as one of the most devastating live acts in the country over the past 2 years with a consistent string of headline shows and support slots around Ireland as well as the spread of a word-of-mouth buzz around the group. They recently made their UK debut with a loud, sweaty and cathartic show in the Windmill Brixton and have supported the best in Irish and UK modern punk including Sprints, Deadletter, Gurriers, VLURE and HMLTD.

Having spent 2 years refining their sound since their last release, the band have announced their debut EP Glórach, with lead single Empty releasing on the 12th of January.

Empty is a brutalist slab of heavily effected droning guitar and bass, corrosive blasts of feedback and gut-wrenching vocals centred around the persistence of grief over time. Its B section is an industrial build of metallic soundscapes and harrowing vocal samples.

The band have pulled off a marriage of gothic punk soundscapes with industrial overtones, lyrics dealing with loss and mental health in the rural west and a visual aesthetic seeped in its inherent Irish sensibilities. Death, degradation and emigration in Ireland are themes that are bound to the DNA of Empty and the EP Glórach.

Cover artwork for Nerves single Empty
Cover artwork for Empty

The band have been compared to My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, Big Black and Bauhaus but in truth their sound across the five tracks of this EP is harder to define.

Glórach comes out on March 15th on digital with a simultaneous Blowtorch vinyl release - the pre order is open now.


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