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New releases from headboy and Sir Chloe

Updated: May 2, 2023

Back from SXSW, Julia Mason reviews new singles from the hot bands bubbling under. Today she has tracks from London's headboy and New York's Sir Chloe.

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Artist: headboy

Track: Cement

Mars, Jess & Oli from headboy
Photo Asha Lyons Sumroy

London trio headboy have had some impressive support slots recently including Porridge Radio, Goat Girl, Deadletter, Heartworms and THUS LOVE.

They have now revealed that their debut EP Was It What You Thought will be released on 9 June via Blitzcat Records and have shared lead single Cement. It's an immediately captivating track with crystal clear vocals and jangly guitars plus a lightness of touch on the percussion.

The lyrics are thought provoking, here honing in on the significance of friendship but also reminding us to live in the moment, rather than looking too far into the future.


Or maybe even twice

You said to me

Don't count the days it slows them down you know

Look straight ahead and go the way you go”

Expanding on the lyrical inspiration behind new single Cement, the band explain: "In the heat of a turbulent summer, misrule reigned. Cement is about taking stock and refuge in the comfort of your friends and the people around you; and the rediscovery of friendship. It includes advice from Mars’ grandfather 'don’t count the days it slows them down' - a warning against wishing away life."

Cement lyricist Mars West went on to say: "When things are difficult I often find myself thinking 'how long before this will end?' Then I think about my grandfather's warning. Sometimes you have to absorb yourself in whatever chapter of life you are in, instead of spending all your time wishing for the next one. Cement is very much about that."

Its no surprise to learn that the trio of Mars West (they/them) guitarist/bassist and vocalist, bassist/guitarist and vocalist Jess Collins (she/they) and drummer Oli Birbeck (they/them) have already cultivated a devoted following in London. On the strength of Cement and their debut EP, I suspect it won’t be long before the rest of the country falls under their spell.

* * *

Artist: Sir Chloe

Track: Salivate

New york artist Dana Foote aka Sir Chloe
Photo Grant Spanier

New York based Sir Chloe is the project of vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Dana Foote. She shares new single Salivate which is the follow up to Hooves. It’s an intriguing track which pulls you in.

Beginning slowly the atmosphere is initially moody. It’s a slow burner with a chorus that will remain long after the song has finished. Foote states that the track was born out of her meditation on the way shame is leveraged to control people and shape our desires into something dark. She further explains: "Shame is the hot anvil that bends desire into dark and twisted shapes."

Sir Chloe will tour their debut album I Am The Dog which is released on 19 May via Atlantic Records. The run of headline dates will include UK, Europe and North America. In addition there are support slots for Phoenix and Beck's co-headline tour in the US, with additional support from Japanese Breakfast, Weyes Blood and Jenny Lewis. Confirmation indeed if any is needed on the calibre of Sir Chloe.

Fun fact - Foote put Sir Chloe together in college to serve as her senior thesis, going on to write the band’s first major hits Michelle and Animal on the floor of her dorm room. The rest of the songs on Sir Chloe’s 2020 EP Party Favors were recorded in a warehouse that the band transformed into a recording space with just $100 and sheer will. Inspirational.


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