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Sam Girling debut mixtape 'Attacca' now on vinyl

Bedford and Berlin DJ's 13 track mixtape now available on vinyl. It's worth it for the cover art alone. But there's pure aural treasure & pleasure inside.


EP: Attacca

Artist: Sam Girling

Vinyl release: March 2022

Copies of Sam Girling's vinyl mixtape Attacca

Sam Girling is an electronic artist, producer and DJ from Bedford in the UK. His sound comes from the softer end of the dance spectrum - more Caribou than carnage with its mix of euphoria and emotion. There's always an eye on his natural home - the dancefloor - with plenty of nods to 80s/90s acid house.

Attacca is his debut mixtape with the 13 tracks reflecting Sam's creative output in its rawest form. The mixtape is written in tandem, with each track directly affecting the tempo, key and themes of the next.

Side A of the vinyl is a continuous flow of the 13 tracks; side B consists of an extended mix of Take Your Time which saw several plays on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music with support from Lauren Laverne and Jaguar.

Attacca track listing

1. Overthought Intro

2. Sahel

3. Faith

4. Just Me

5. Need Your Love

6. Work It Organ

7. Wish You Never Met Me

8. Chaotic Interlude

9. Taping Life

10. Living Dissonant

11. Deny

12. Take Your Time

13. You Don't Wanna Know

There is a brilliant video to accompany the mixtape which Sam has been projecting onto walls in his hometown of Bedford.


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