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Irish Shoegazers Blue Slate Release 'Wipers'

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

A heavy haze of guitar noise and and ethereal vocals put Blue Slate firmly in Ireland's shoegaze scene.


Track: Wipers

Band: Blue Slate

Released: March 22 2023

Blue Slate describe themselves as an alternative rock band and they are based in Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland. The four members comprise John Harney (vocals/rhythm guitar/lyrics), Pierce Devine (lead guitar), Dillon Carville (bass) and Jay O’Neill (drums).

Out now is their debut standalone single Wipers further to a previous EP Decay.

Cover art for Wipers by Blue Slate
Cover art for Wipers

More than an alt rock outfit, this brilliant new track places them firmly in the vanguard of Ireland's burgeoning shoegaze scene alongside bands such as Belfast's Virgins and Dublin's Fulvetta. And of course referencing older titans of the scene such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride.

The gentle reverb soaked guitar is right out of the 4AD production book of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil but you can feel there's something more coming. One of the many wonderful features of Wipers is that it features a thrilling drop so early in the track. And sure enough around the 1:08 mark the distorted wall of guitar noise we have been craving duly arrives and satisfies.

As Kevin Shields or Billy Corgan can testify, knowing the sound you want and being able to reproduce it in a recording are very different beasts. It's not easy getting a heavy slab of sound which is not only loud but also gives the all encompassing physical experience which Wipers provides.

The band say that they are all fond of the same music as each other which is what brought them together initially: "We take a lot of influence from 90s alternative music and 60s psychedelic music, bands like Duster, Modest Mouse, Heatmiser, Grandaddy and more of this sort."

Maybe not what everyone would expect in those reference points - I suspect Blue Slate will continue to surprise and delight with their future releases. We'll be listening.

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