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New single 'Circle' from TV People

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Following on from 'You Were Loved', Dublin's TV People release their second single of 2022.


Track: Circle

Band: TV People

Released: August 5 2022

Cover art for Circle by TV People

Circle is the new release from TV People and was released on all streaming platforms on August 5.

TV People are a postmodern, post punk indie outfit from the dark heart of Dublin and this is their second single of 2022, the first being You Were Loved which appeared in May and was reviewed in this blog. The band consists of Paul Donohoe (vocals/guitar), Brendan Clarke (drums), Paula Moura (bass) and Ben O'Connor (guitar).

The fast-rising Dublin band bring tight performances, a gothic, post-punk infused sound and a dramatic production style with this single. It showcases a new and compelling confidence which marks a further step towards cementing their reputation as one of Ireland’s leading post-indie artists.

Circle is a dark and atmospheric experience that meanders between subdued, surreal sections through to explosive moments of chaotic energy, before coming to a close with a hair raising and anthemic crescendo in the outro.

Of their new single, singer Paul says, "We wrote Circle as a tribute to our loved ones and friends and to the countless times that we have relied on each other in times of difficulty. It explores the feeling of being lost within yourself and how you can find identity and meaning in the shared experiences and compassion of those around you."

Circle was recorded at Unity Studios London, mixed by Grammy award winning Caesar Edmunds (QOTSA, St Vincent, Foals) at Battery, London with assistant recording engineer Joshua Rumble. The track was mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

We are sitting in a circle

Are you with me man?

Have I lost my mind?

We find another life in the morning light

When silence falls over me

Tempting the feeling

I know you see the signs in my eyes

Life is a dream

Take it or leave it

When it's all over what will we find?

You have given me a reason

If I told you now

Would you be surprised?

I try to find the words inside

As my drifting mind

Begins to race

Lost in the ebb and flow of the feeling

Destiny plays on the minds of fools like me

All we have are these times

We keep searching for something new to be

Will we find out why we need it?

Will we find out why we need it?

Will we find out?


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