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Nixer announce release date and vinyl pre order for their PEOPLE FEEL EP

Updated: May 3, 2022

Full digital release will be on May 27 with green and black vinyl versions available to pre order now


The PEOPLE FEEL EP is the debut body of work by Irish duo Nixer. It will be released digitally and on vinyl on May 27.

The offering comes in the form of a 6-track concept EP which follows the events of a night out told chronologically. The story begins in a corner shop at the start of the night and ends at a crossroads the morning after. This story of events is used solely as a vessel for the true meaning and focus of the EP, which is the feelings and emotions that are attached to these events rather than the events themselves. PEOPLE FEEL is a welcome introduction into the conceptual worlds that Nixer will build around the project in years to come. Driven by surroundings, experiences, and nightlife; delivered by a love for storytelling, sounds and production. The EP is now available to pre order as a 12" 45 rpm vinyl in black (€17) or transparent green (€20). It features a full colour printed inner sleeve with Nixer photo montage.

The track listing is: 1. TNBTMA 2. Decisions 3. Outsider 4. People Feel 5. Low 6. Bad Rain feat. Shiv

Nixer Strong Guinness logo

The first 100 orders come with a free Nixer badge with the 'Strong Guinness' logo from the latest t shirt design. Once they're gone they're gone!

The official release day is May 27 so delivery is expected late May/early June although that may vary depending on vinyl pressing. Demand is already high for this vinyl so pre order is advised to secure a copy.


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