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Latest Blowtorch Records podcast features dance duo Nixer (#2)

Seán and Peggs from Nixer open up about the writing and recording of their People Feel EP


Our new podcast sees us reach our 30th episode and what an auspicious edition, as for the first time we welcome back a previous guest. To celebrate the release of People Feel from their upcoming six track EP, say hello again to Nixer.

We reviewed the track in our blog and now we've had a chance to sit down with Seán and Peggs from the band and have an in-depth natter about the making of the EP; how the new release is doing (spoiler alert - brilliantly); and what's occurring in Nixer world as things start to happen for them.

Here are the top ten takeaways from the podcast, in no particular order.

1. The EP was originally slated for a summer 2021 release and People Feel wasn't even written then. They realised the EP wasn’t in a good place and decided to wait and work on it. At that point the title was Afterglow.

2. They used a De Ambasade track as a reference for People Feel. They chose Rude 66 to master before the EP before realising he had mastered De Ambasade also. Serendipity!

3. Seán is chronically indecisive hence the lyrical concerns of the dance floor ready Decisions.

4. The first track they wrote where they were in the studio together was Low - previously they had always been in separate cities.

5. Live gigs are bringing new life to the tracks - they are bigger and fatter and include Seán's mate Lorcan on guitar.

6. After scrapping several previous options, the artwork is 'People Feel' and the track listing tattooed on Seán's leg and chest respectively by Alanis Kerr, photographed by Nicholas O'Donnell.

7. Any festival promoters listening - the lads are dying to play some!

8. The last track on the EP is a collab with Irish/Zimbabwean singer producer shiv.

9. The Nixer vinyl EP will be released in late April 2022 on black and green vinyl.

10. The tracks are deliberately written without reference to a place or gender. It’s the story of a night out without defining exactly where or with whom.


A previous Nixer track Magnolia Mouth appears on this Blowtorch Records vinyl compilation

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