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Nixer release final single 'Fast One' from upcoming EP

Updated: Apr 25

New Nixer track Fast One is out now - the final single from their upcoming EP I hit the town and the town hit me back before its digital and vinyl release on May 15


Track: Fast One

Band: Nixer

Released: April 23 2024

Artwork for new single Fast One by Nixer
Artwork by Louis Blenkinsop

Fast One is the fourth and final single from Nixer’s forthcoming EP I hit the town and the town hit me back.

Following on from the successes of Saccharine Smile, The Book and Second Hand, Fast One is another quintessentially Nixer track. Fusing prose with a modern post punk beat, the track uncovers the darker side of the anticipated new Nixer record. Fast One explores themes of mobile phones, nightlife, and how these two entangle and confuse our real-life relationships with online personalities we are forced to invent for ourselves.

Please note that we have received the test pressings for the vinyl release and they sound sublime, revealing hidden gems as if a secret set of Pokémon Go characters was suddenly available to those lucky ones with the right device. Digital only listeners - we suggest you make haste and avail of a decent vinyl turntable.

Recorded, produced and mixed in a bedroom in London, Drogheda, LA, and New York City by Seán Keenen & Simon Gardner. Mastered by Rude 66 in California.

The new EP I hit the town and the town hit me back is available to order now on gorgeous transparent yellow vinyl.

There is also an early bird offer which nets you the new Nixer vinyl EP AND the previous EP People Feel on black vinyl AND a free CD and insert sheet of the album artwork


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