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Nixer release new single 'Saccharine Smile'

New Nixer track Saccharine Smile is out now - the third single from their upcoming EP I hit the town and the town hit me back which will see a digital and vinyl release on May 17


Track: Saccharine Smile

Band: Nixer

Released: April 2 2024

Artwork for new single Saccharine Smile by Nixer
Artwork by Louis Blenkinsop

Saccharine Smile is the third single from Nixer’s forthcoming EP I hit the town and the town hit me back and marks an early collaboration between lyricist Seán Keenan and beatmaster Simon Gardner. The track was one of the first sent by NYC based Simon when beginning to work on the project in late 2022

Following on from the successes of The Book, Second Hand and Pleasure, Saccharine Smile offers another insight into the Nixer perspective of modernity, exploring themes of dependency, addiction and loneliness, through the lens of mobile phone use.

Describing the track lyricist Seán states: “Saccharine Smile is about mobile phones and our relationship with them. When I started to write the lyrics for this track I literally googled ‘How much does an iPhone weigh?’ and since it was in the 7 ounces ballpark I coined it as ‘7 crucial ounces’ as described in the opening lyric”

Having had many iterations prior to growing into what it is today, the track was recorded, produced and mixed in a bedroom in London, Drogheda, LA, and New York City and mastered by Rude 66 in California.

The new EP I hit the town and the town hit me back is available to order now on gorgeous transparent yellow vinyl.

There is also an early bird offer which nets you the new Nixer vinyl EP AND the previous EP People Feel on black vinyl AND a free CD and insert sheet of the album artwork


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