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Swedish Railway Orchestra announce first single 'Obelisco' from their fifth studio album 'Once Upon A Time...'

Dublin Electronic outfit The Swedish Railway Orchestra will release new single Obelisco on January 10 with Once Upon A Time... seeing a vinyl release on March 7.


Dublin-based musician and producer Rob Smith returns under his Swedish Railway Orchestra guise with his fifth full studio album, Once Upon A Time… which will be released on March 7th 2024. Lead single Obelisco releases January 10.

Artwork for Once Upon A Time album by Swedish Railway Orchestra

Once Upon A Time… is the third collaboration between TSRO and Blowtorch Records, following up 2022’s acclaimed Dance To The Drum Machine and last year’s Connotations EP.  Recorded and mixed between Ireland and Spain throughout all of 2023, it is the most intriguing record from the electronic outfit. 

“The album took an unusually long time to make”, Smith says of the record. “I wanted to get everything right. It’s got hints of dance-punk, some psychedelia, some melodic verses and some interesting lyrics all over it. I’m so proud of it.”

The lyrical topics vary quite drastically across the album. From album opener, The Chelsea Hotel, with its New York City daydreaming psychedelic imagery to lyrics of a political persuasion such as on the track Once Upon A Time In Palestine.

The lead single Obelisco, a simple funky synth, heavy bass and lots-of-percussion banger, will be out on all streaming platforms on Wednesday 10th January. The video premieres 8pm Tuesday March 9.

Once Upon A Time… will be released digitally on all streaming sites worldwide and on a delicious transparent violet 12” vinyl. 


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