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Welcome 'Future West' to Blowtorch Records

They describe themselves as an Indie/Alt/Lo-Fi DIY 4-piece from Dundalk, Ireland. That's like a Blowtorch Records mission statement.


Band shot of Dundalk's Future West

Louth is the smallest of Ireland's 32 counties geographically yet has produced a wealth of musical talent from artists as diverse as David Keenan and Just Mustard. The most recent addition to the Blowtorch Records roster, and adding to the Louth list, is Future West. Originally a solo venture by Dundalk based producer/multi-instrumentalist Francis Watters this is no overnight success - Watters conceived the project in 2015.

There have been multiple lineup, location and style changes in the intervening years. A previous incarnation released a debut album, Holy Shit, Here Come The Future West in March 2017 at which point the project name was The Future West.

In June 2019 Francis, previously living in London, returned back to Ireland, re-recruited original bass player John Mellon and revived the minimised Future West moniker. A new aptly named single, Emergency (think The Strokes smoking weed with Spiritualised), was released in March 2020 with plans to record and release the second LP. The global pandemic slammed that door shut but every action has a reaction - in this case, build a home studio and embrace Peter McCoy and Pauric McCrum, two production wizards (aka Pillowhead) who had mixed Emergency.

Watters kept writing (and replaced half an album's worth of material with new songs) and ended up with a neat, nine song package. Reflecting the circuitous route by which they have got back to where they started, this will become Future West’s debut and also (technically) second LP, entitled Who Will Forgive All My Sins.

When Watters contacted us with the finished album, we were stunned. It was another of those 'how can something this good not already be massive' moments. We agreed to release the first single Late last Nite. As our review noted at the time "From the initial, diffident 'might as well go for a take', through the cleverly placed stop/starts to that thrilling, ecstatic ending this a song going places. It's also got great scope and ambition - it sounds like they were determined to chuck everything at it while still sounding unshowy. Like having Bootsy Collins in your band but dressing him in tracksuit."

Now with Peter and Pauric on board as full time members, and fully joined up with Blowtorch Records, the future is not only West but brimming with promise. New singles will be along shortly and a thrilling vinyl release is planned for the Summer. We'd forgive any sin for music this good.


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